Can I change some items on the menu?

Certainly! We can make changes to suit your requirements as long as the value of the new items chosen is within the same price range. However, there will be a surcharge if it is not in the same menu.


Yes, we are HALAL.

Are there any delivery charges?

Yes! $40 ($42.80 incl 7% GST) for non-CBD areas .   $50 ($53.50 incl 7% GST) for CBD and Tuas areas.

Are there additional charges for climbing stairs?

There will be a surcharge of $20.00 ($21.40 incl. 7% GST) per storey if climbing of stairs are required.

How do I go about selecting a menu?

It is important to know the number & type of guest you are expecting such as their nationalities and age group. Some guests would have special dietary requirements like they do not eat beef or spicy food or that they are vegetarians. If the time of the function is 6.30 PM a dinner menu would be more appropriate as compared to a tea reception menu.

Portioning per person?

We provide a buffer of 10% of the total amount of food served. However this extra amount is for some of your guest to have extra helpings. Keep in mind that more popular items would run out faster than others.

How early should we confirm our booking?

Please confirm at least 1-2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointments. For church weddings, a lead time of 2-3 months is needed as preferred dates on weekends are usually very popular.

Is there a separate cost for setting up tables & skirting to place the food?

No. This service is complimentary. We will also provide disposable wares like foam plates, plastic cutleries, garbage bags & paper napkins. Food warmers & serving equipments will included as well.

What is the arrival time to set-up equipments?

Usually, allow 1 hour for us to set up the equipment. For eg. if you’ve asked your guests to arrive at 12 noon for lunch, we should arrive at your premises at 11.00am to set up the buffet.

What is the latest time for collection of our equipments?

After 3 Hours of the delivery.

Can I rent tables & chairs for my guests?

Rental of Table
  • Square Table (3ft x 3 ft.) with Disposable Tablecloth – $4.28 Each
  • Square Table (3ft x 3xft) with Blue-Checkers Tablecloth – $6.95 Each
  • Round Table (5ft) with White Tablecloth (10 Pax) – $37.45 Each (Min Order 3 & Above)
  • Round Table’s Tablecloth (Without Table) – $10.70 each
  • Cocktail Table with Tablecloth (Without Centerpiece) – $26.75 Each
  • Cocktail Table with Tablecloth & Centerpiece – $37.45 Each
  • Table with Tablecloth & Skirting – $21.40 per (3ft x 3ft Table)
Rental of Chairs & Stools
  • Rental of Stools (Black) – $0.86 per pcs
  • Plastic Chairs with Back Rest (Red) – $1.60 Each (Min 50)
  • Plastic Chairs with Back Rest (White) – $2.14 Each (Min 50)
  • Cushion Chair with Seat Cover – $10.70 Each (Min 20)
  • Napkin (Pink, Green & White) – $2.14 Each Piece (Min 50 pcs)
  • Cushion’s Seat Cover (Only for Banquet Chair) – $5.35 each
Rental of Serving Equipment
  • Chinaware (Porcelain Wares & Glasses) – $3.75 per Set
  • Glassware (Multi-purpose Glassware) – $2.14 Each (Min 30 pax)
  • Rental of Food Warmer – $21.40 Each
  • Rental of Drink Dispenser (Cambro) – $21.40 Each
  • Ice Box with Ice – $21.40
Rental of Equipment for Wedding’s Ceremony
  • Solemnization Table (Inclusive of Artificial Flower Centerpiece) – $42.80 per set (2 x 3ft x 3ft table)
  • Guest Sign in Table (inclusive of Artificial Flower Centerpiece) – $42.80 per Set (2 x 3ft x 3ft table)
  • Bridal Table with White Table Cloth & Ivory Skirting (Inclusive of 6 pax Porcelain ware & Glasses) – $53.50 (2x 3ft x 3ft Table per set)
  • White Tablecloth (6 ft. by 6ft) – $10.70 each


How do we order?

You can place your order by  phone, email or from our website.

How to order using our website:

  1. Select FOOD MENU according to your preference.
  2. Click ADD TO CART.
  3. If you require any ADD ON Accessories kindly select according to your
  4. preference and click ADD TO CART.
  5. Click the SHOPPING CART and fill in the details and make PAYMENT.
  6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

How do we make payment?

Payment can be made by CASH or CHEQUE at the function upon the presentation of our Invoice. Cheques should be made payable to L’DELICACIES PTE LTD. A 30% non refundable deposit is required for order above $1000.00.