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  1. Traditional Nasi Lemak served with condiments:- Sambal Chilli, Cucumber Slices, Roasted nuts, Crispy Anchovies & Prawn Crackers
  2. Grilled Satay (Chicken & Beef) served with Ketupat, Onions, Thick Peanut Sauce
  3. Deep-fried Chicken Marinated with Shrimp Paste Sauce
  4. Stuffed Squid with Fresh Mackerel Fish Paste topped in Curry Lemak Sauce flavoured with Kaffir Lime Leaves
  5. Malay Fish Otah
  6. Thai Kai Lan with Braised Whole Shitake Mushroom & Young Corns in a Garlic Sauce
  7. Cocktail Spring Roll
  8. Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter
  9. White Fungus Lotus Seeds with Red Dates & Sweetened Winter Melon
  10. Bandung Drink


  1. Pan-fried Baby Sting Ray flavoured with Black Peppercorn & Curry Leaves
  2. Stir-fried Butter Prawns with Crispy Cereal
  3. Thai Style Green Curry Chicken
  4. Yong Tau Foo & Chinese Greens in a Clear Ikan Bilis Broth served with Sesame Sweet Sauce Ampang Style
  5. Broccoli with Fresh Shittake & Abalone Mushroom flavoured with Wolfberries
  6. Nonya Style Noodles flavoured with Fresh Clams & dash of Yellow Bean Sauce
  7. Nasi Goreng Istimewa
  8. Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter
  9. Local Chendol (Cold)
  10. Citrus Lime Juice


  1. Fresh Mackeral Fish Simmered in a Spicy Tamarind Gravy flavoured with Lemon Grass
  2. Beef Teriyaki with Fresh Leeks
  3. Chinese Herbal Chicken
  4. Vegetarian Sweet Taro Crispy Roll
  5. Hong Kong Kai Lan nest in a Winter melon Broth topped with Crispy Silver Fish
  6. Stir-fried Tang Hoon with Fresh Shrimps, Shredded Roasted Chicken, Mushrooms & Chives
  7. Pineapple Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken Floss
  8. Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter
  9. Thai Red Ruby in Fresh Coconut Cream
  10. Iced Lemon Tea (home-made)
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($17.98 is inclusive of 7% GST)

This product has a minimum quantity of 30

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